Features: ·XDOBO wooden spoons are made of natural wood, Simple and plain, natural color and elegant,small and chic,lively and interesting,lightweight,cute,durable,Lovely authentic natural wood spoons are great for everyday home use as well as gift item for any purposes.
·Natural raw materials processing, easy to dry after cleaning, not easy moldy, to ensure the health.
· XDOBO WOOD SPOON varnished five times with the natural lacquer. the natural lacquer is taken from lacquer tree (Does not contain any chemical fuel,no BPA, PVC, or phthalates), it is very healthy. Durable spoon for kitchen and hotel,family, travelling, camping and festival party.
·Natural wooden, delicate patterns, body light. because the material we used is real wood,it is 100% natural made,there is no same wood grain to be found in the world, as it’s unique and sophisticated design,So the wood tableware will have few flaws as produced and varnished by the natural materials, it keeps the normal and fantastic condition.

Why wooden spoon?

A wooden spoon is a must have in the kitchen. You’ll pick up your wooden spoon almost every time you cook, whether you’re sautéing onions or stirring up a pot of mushroom chili.

Benefits from XDOBO wooden spoon

-Great for stirring sauces, soups, and so much more, this 9 inch wooden spoon is an indispensible kitchen tool, essential for everyday use!
-The broad and oval concave bowl enables thorough mixing, stirring, and tossing of ingredients during food preparation, while the smooth edges and sanded surface ensure a quality product for your kitchen’s use.
– Nice size for deeper pots.The extra long handle can keeps hands away from hot pots and safe from getting burned.

Product Features

  • ✔MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: 4 set of long wooden soup spoons, salad spoon,cooking spoon, soup spoons, Simple and plain, natural color and elegant.
  • ✔SAFE TO USE:Wood kitchen tools are safe to use on cups, dishes and bowls, as well as scratch-resistant they are. it may not frostbite or scald your hands,no matter how cold or hot the water is.Even if the bowl of the spoon is in a hot pot of stew, the handle will still feel cool to the touch. That means you won’t burn your hand while cooking!
  • ✔ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY:All of our products are crafted using environmentally friendly and green techniques. Specializes in designing and making the finest lacquerware wooden dining and home products. We strive to blend the aesthetic beauty of ancient techniques with the functionality of contemporary designs.
  • ✔SMOOTH SPOON: Non-Abrasive – The soft, rounded wood won’t scratch up your delicate or nonstick pans, but the edge is still firm enough to scrape up any sucs from the bottom.
  • ✔Lightweight: It is very light. Perfect for travelling,camping,hiking and other outdoor activities.Wooden tableware for home,for restaurant and hotel.