Material: Forged blade made from rust-free and acid-resistant Special blade steel. Long-lasting sharpness thanks to hardened. Fugen Los riveted handle made of high-quality plastic Performance cut technology: Allows a speaker phone connecting to a traditional forged process with the latest precision technology for superior and long lasting sharpness Made in Germany – Blade in premium quality, made in our own blade Schiede in Germany. The classic – for 30 years in the WMF range Ergonomically shaped handle and ideally balanced weight blade and handle for comfortable grip. Absolute hygiene by Fugenlose workmanship, no transitions between the blade, bolster and notebook. Cleaning knife: Hand Washable Box contents: 1x chef’s knife 20 cm, 1x preparation knife 14 cm, 1x vegetable knife 8 cm – Item Number: 1894919992