WMF has a large selection of cutlery items, so the 30-piece cutlery set can arbitrarily expand and you can buy only what you really need. Slender and graceful, almost a bit fragile, is the first impression. Flame takes back and adapts. I like its simplicity and understated elegance. The more attention you give the cutlery, the more attractive it becomes. Flame is not boring, it reveals itself gradually. The slim design is consistently designed – to the knife blade. Despite these slimming Flame is pleasantly soft in the hand. Specs: Type: Flatware Set, 30-pc Material: Cromargan protected, polished stainess steel Dishwasher safe: Yes Special Features: Style: Designed by Luca Casini

Product Features

  • 6 table forks
  • 6 table spoons
  • 6 table knives
  • 6 teaspoons
  • 6 cake forks