Box contents: 30 Set for 6 people: 6 x Forks, Table Knives, Spoons, Cake Forks and tea/coffee spoons. | product number: 1106916342 Material: Polished Cromargan protect polished stainless steel. Rustproof, dishwasher-safe, keeps its shape, hygienic, acid-proof, indestructible and scratches. Extremely highly resistant to scratches: This Cutlery, whilst also show during intensive every day wear no wear and tear on for years. WMF Cromargan protect cutlery undergo a patented, WMF, the exclusive for strengthening the resistance to wear and tear. Solid monobloc table knife made of blade steel are forged from one piece and throughout the hardened. Ensures the lasting optimal sharpness for years. Classic and timeless design which on the traditional set table. Design: WMF Atelier