The New Wave Caf? line draws from the popular New Wave collection with the sweeping handle that fits perfectly in the hand. The white fine china espresso cup is one of four pieces in the collection of mug, capuccino cup and caf? au lait cup. The party plate in this 2-piece item is used as a saucer and is inspired in shape by the plate in the New Wave collection.Coffee and contemporary art meld in Villeroy & Boch’s New Wave Caffe collection. Consisting exclusively of cups and saucers for hot coffee and espresso drinks, the all-white collection proves that fine china is not just for traditionalists. The wide handle on this espresso cup swoops out of the rim, turns at an angle, and curves down to join the tapered base in a dramatic flourish. Both the cup and handle are crafted from one piece of vitrified china. Included in this set is a wavy rectangular saucer/plate that holds the cup nicely in a round well, leaving room for a New Wave spoon or a favorite cookie.

Similar in shape to the other cups in the New Wave Caffe collection, the espresso cup is smaller than the café au lait and cappuccino cups. Each size fits a matching plate that serves as a saucer, resulting in a striking contemporary combo that is sure to jazz up afternoon or after-dinner coffee. Made in either Luxembourg or Germany, New Wave Caffe ware is safe for the microwave and dishwasher. –Ann Bieri

Product Features

  • New Wave Caffe espresso cup with matching saucer/plate
  • Swooping handle and cup are made from 1 piece of vitrified china
  • Artistic look makes a strong contemporary statement
  • Safe for dishwasher and microwave
  • Imported from Luxembourg and Germany