TeamFar Toddler Preschooler Kid Stainless Steel Utensil Flatware Set, is made of high quality stainless steel, anti-rust, no coating surface or plastic part, healthy and durable. Thick gauge body, smooth edges, rounded tine, dull knife with little teeth, all the designs for kids’ safety. Cute laser carved animals into the handle, inspire kids to learn and independent eating.

5.5-inch square spoon x1
5.1-inch round spoon x 1
5-inch fork x 1
6.2-inch knife x 1
8-inch case x 1

1 Please clean it before first using to wash off any manufacturing residue, Dishwasher Safe
2 Please clean and dry it after using for its durability, item store in dry place

Thank you for taking TeamFar as part of your family. We guarantee that all the description and specification are 100% to the reality of product. We’re working harder to offer more good items. We are Team, we go far, we are TeamFar.

Product Features

  • √ HIGH GRADE – Pure stainless steel rust-resistant, Non-toxic and healthier, No more harmful materials
  • √ SAFETY – One piece made avoid painting chip dropping into kids’ food, Rounded fork tine, Dull knife edge
  • √ CRAFT – Thick gauge body, Smooth edge no rough spot, Cute laser-carved animals inspire kids to learn
  • √ SIZE – Designed just to fit little one’s comfort, Real silverware encourage kids independent eating
  • √ INCLUDE – 5.5-inch square spoon x1, 5.1-inch round spoon x 1, 5-inch fork x 1, 6.2-inch knife x 1, Dishwasher Safe

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