Product Specifications:
Product Material: FDA food-grade silicone
Product Features: Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-stick, durable, safe, easy to clean
Product Color: Red
Adapt to A variety of Cooking temperature:-40℃~+230 ℃
Apply: microwave oven, oven, dishwasher, steamer.

What’s inside ?:
Pasta Fork: 11.2″x 2.2″
Use for picking up spaghetti noodles. The long handle allows you to work with a taller pot with your hand a little further from the heated contents.
Spoonula: 10.”x2.4″
The perfect fashion of a spoon and a spatula. An extremely hard worker, especially when it comes to mixing your stiff doughs!
Tong: 10.6″x 1.6″
It Scalloped steel heads coated in silicone. The silicone tips are firm and angled to offer amazing grip and control.
Slotted spoon: 10.8″x2.4″
Responsible for straining foods from saucepansall around the world.
Ladle: 11″x3.5″
Always willing to lend a hand, whether it’s serving hot soup for starter, or tasy stew for main course.
Tuner: 11.4″x2.8″
Strengths: flipping, turning, lifting and singing.
Large Spatula: 11.5″x2.2″
Great for woks and stir fry pans. Amazing for removing waffles from waffle makers and flipping eggs or pancakes.
Small Spatula: 8.5″x1.6″
For small pots and pans or for getting condiments and jams out of mason jars.
Basting Brash: 8″x1.3″
ONE piece of silicone design-No crevices where oil or egg white or barbecue sauce or whatever can seep in and be trapped to breed germs.
Whisk: 9.8″x.4″
Can be eggs, stir batter, whip cream and stir sauces.

Product Features

  • 100% FDA Grade and BPA Free–These heat resistant cooking tools can be used up to 230 ℃ and are non-stick friendly. They’re stain and odor resistant. Won’t discolor, warp, melt or chip
  • Perfect for All Kitchen Needs–Including: spoonula, brush, whisk, large and small spatula, ladle, slotted turner and spoon, tongs, pasta fork. Can be use for all types of foods and cooking
  • Silicone Material–Allow you to stir, mix, grill, flip, and fry directly in your fancy pots and pans without fear of damaging your cookware!
  • Easy to Use and Clean –Ergonomic non-slip grip utensils can help you to cook hygienically and reduce clean up time. Simply put them in the sink or dishwater and watch as the grease, oil, and marinades easily wash right off!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can connect us to return them for a full refund -no questions asked