Material: Stainless Steel(Food and Medicine Grade)
Color: Golden.
Package Included:
6x Dinner Knife
6x Dinner Fork
6x Dinner Spoon
6x Teaspoon
1. Keep your products clean. It can make the material in fresh status. Wipe it after used.
2. Use neutral detergent to flush it ,Pls never use strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemicals wash them , such as baking soda, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite. For these substances are strong electrolytes, it will occur Electrochemical reaction when meet stainless steel, lead to cutlery rust.
3. Pls don’t put the flatware into the salt, soy sauce, vinegar, soup, etc., long time .because them contain many electrolytes, if long bloom, they meet stainless steel will also occur electrochemical reaction, make the harmful metal elements are dissolved out. that the flatware will dark , even have dent. Not only the tableware itself injury, but also harmful to human health . so after use the stainless steel cutlery, pls immediately wash them with warm water.
4,If the flatware have water scale after long use , you can use Vinegar clean it .and then wash with hot soapy water.
5. In order to assure durability,please do not use steel wire or hard material to clean this product.
6.Dishwasher safe,Hand washing is the ideal method for increasing usage time

Product Features

  • Gold Flatware Set: 6x Dinner Spoon, 6x Dinner Fork , 6x Dinner Knife , 6x Tea spoon
  • Special Colors Gold ,Crafted from thicken stainless steel with Mirror polishing finish
  • The edge of the spoon does not hurt the hand, thick stainless steel, Easy to clean, fork gap grinding, in line with health standards, safe and secure use.
  • Ideal for every day use or for a special occasion. Wedding, Party, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Christmas Day, Home, Restaurant, Clubhouse etc
  • Dishwasher safe. we back all our products with a solid guarantee.