AOOSY wooden spoons are made of natural nanmu wood, Simple and plain, natural color and elegant,small and chic,lively and interesting,lightweight,cute,durable,Lovely authentic natural wood spoons are great for everyday home use as well as gift item for any purposes.
Natural raw materials processing, easy to dry after cleaning, not easy moldy, to ensure the health.

AOOSY WOOD SPOON varnished five times with the natural lacquer. the natural lacquer is taken from lacquer tree (Does not contain any chemical fuel,no BPA, PVC, or phthalates), it is very healthy. Durable spoon for kitchen and hotel,family, travelling, camping and festival party.

Natural wooden, delicate patterns, body light. because the material we used is real wood,it is 100% natural made,there is no same wood grain to be found in the world, as it’s unique and sophisticated design,So the wood tableware will have few flaws as produced and varnished by the natural materials, it keeps the normal and fantastic condition.

IDEAL SPOON LENGTH: 27.7 cm X 4.9 cm

Matters needing attention:
1. Please don’t put it into microwave or oven.
2. Please don’t exposure to the sun.
3. Please don’t clean by bleach. Hand wash only with a soft damp cloth.
4. Please don’t Soak in the dish detergent water for a long time.
5. Please don’t use hard objects scrubbing the product.
6. Please don’t put on disinfection cabinet to sterilize.(It can put on disinfection cabinet to use Ozone to sterilize.)

Well balanced and ergonomic design,Every detail has been carefully polished,delicately designed and produced, promised to become become your dinner plate’s best companion! Its impeccable and unbending quality and rounded edges makes it perfect to use not only for yourself but also for your children.

Product Features

  • 4 PIECES LONG WOODEN SPOONS, salad spoon,cooking spoon, soup spoons, Simple and plain, 10.9 inches LENGTH, natural color and elegant.
  • LONG KOREAN STYLE SPOON Perfect for Soup Cooking Stirrer Mixing Eating Kitchen Tools Utensils. Great for hiking, mountain hiking, camping, lake fishing, construction site lunch or picnicking.
  • WOOD SPOON SET is made of natural Nanmu wood, durable and sturdy body, the skin is smooth and clear. Healthy, Natural Painted, w/o BPA, PVC, or phthalates.
  • WOOD KITCHEN TOOLS are safe to use on cups, dishes and bowls, as well as scratch-resistant they are. it may not frostbite or scald your hands,no matter how cold or hot the water is.
  • SPOONS DISHWASHER SAFE easy to clean and reusable Safe for non-stick surfaces, non-toxic, safe, healthier, eco-friendly. It can put on disinfecting cabinet to use Ozone to sterilize. it can’t heated by microwave