About Letrue:
For nearly 10 years, the Letrue brand has represented durable, innovative, high quality products that help simplify life. Today, our products can be found in
Asia including mass retail, home center stores, warehouse clubs, supermarkets, department stores and specialty stores. We love our customers and offer a
“5 YEAR” return or replacement guarantee from purchase date.

Strainers are an essential tool for busy kitchens. The right assortment of strainer sizes allows you to save time, and be more efficient in the kitchen.

Product Feature
A. The 3 sizes strainer cover all the key cooking tasks.
B. Top quality fine mesh ensures the strainer catch even the smallest grains and velvety smooth purees.
C. Long handle can hold up different types of food and are effective for removing heavier items without bending.
D. Convenient hanging holes on each of the fine mesh strainers make for quick and easy storage/access, on home and commercial kitchen storage racks.
E. Dishwasher safe.

Small size: 3.1 inch wide with a 2.5 inch bowl, 1.3 inch deep, 4.3 inch handle, 1 oz
Middle size: 5.3 inch wide with a 4.5 inch bowl, 1.9 inch deep, 5 inch handle, 2.1 oz
Large size: 7.8 inch wide with a 6.7 inch bowl, 2.3 inch deep, 5.8 inch handle, 4.2 oz


Product Features

  • PERFECT TO STRAIN ANYTHING YOU WANT – Small, medium, large size strainer (3.1″, 5.3″ & 7.8″) ensure you’ll always have the right strainer on hand when needed. They work great for straining tea leaf, coffee, soup stock, pasta, noodle, salad, yogurt, fried food, hot oil, sieve, sifting flour or spice, washing vegetable, fruit, etc. Colander, skimmer, fryer, drainer, spoon, basket, sifter.It is best christmas gift.
  • COMFORTABLE AND EFFICIENT TO USE – Long wire, heat resistant handles make for a comfortable and stable grip. Easily catch and sift, strain or drain the food because of the extra fine mesh nets. The tight, rounded rim won’t trap food between the mesh and the rim. No worries of rice, quinoa, dry ingredients getting stuck in the frame anymore.
  • DURABLE FINE MESH STRAINERS – Premium quality stainless steel with a durable double thick will weave that allows the screen to hold quite a bit of weight or amount of food without denting, thus ensuring a lifetime of reliable use.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Buy with confidence. If you’re not satisfied with these strainers at anytime, we’ll provide a refund or replacement.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & STORE OR HANG – Nest the strainers together for space saving storage or hang them together within reach of where you use them. The mash is enclosed totally by the outer ring which will make the strainer totally cleaned in the dishwasher.