KleenFork Hygenic 20 – Piece Flatware Set

The Most Hygienic option in Flatware KleenFork is a cleaner, smarter, and more hygienic fork that features patented angled tines that are 99% cleaner than standard forks. It’s Designed to literally wipe away food after each meal and dishwasher safe.

I know what you are thinking! It’s a Fork! But thats where you’re wrong. KleenFork isn’t just the “new fork on the block” KleenFork is the new revolutionary new patented fork, designed to keep your fork 99% cleaner from bacteria and built up food particals left behind on traditional forks.Regular Fork

  • Difficult to wash
  • Traps food and germs between prongs
  • 90 degree straight prongs


  • 99% Cleaner when washed
  • Smooth angled prongs won’t trap food
  • 45 degree angled prongs
  • Better hygiene
  • High quality polished stainless steel
  • Dishwasher Safe

KleenFork is the best fork on the market for a fraction of the price compaired to those other high dolar silverware sets. Once you use a KleenFork and see the actual difference, You’ll never go back to the regular fork again!

Product Features

  • 20-piece flatware set, Includes 4 each: Salad fork, dinner fork, knife, soupspoon and teaspoon
  • 99% less germs than a standard fork – determined by independent lab
  • Angled tines won’t trap food like the straight tines of standard forks, making it more hygenic
  • Food residue wipes away with a single wipe
  • Elegant modern design from award winning jeweler – dishwasher safe