“Baby 10 months later (some babies even earlier),will get used to grab the hands of the mother feeding utensils.At this time, the baby needs to be equipped with a nice child feeding utensils, train your baby a good opportunity to learn their own meals. KAYEAR children vertical fork and spoon sets are designed specifically for baby products,Food grade PP production, does not contain bisphenol A,in line with FDA standards. Rounded spoon mouth for your baby’s mouth width, fork with rounded design for easy fork to take food, do not hurt the baby.”

Our Story
We are ready to be parents and we are beginning to think about how we can make a better life for our future babies.We offer better products for our children so that they are free to use,without worries, safe, and most importantly let them know We have a deep love for the baby!

This is the inspiration of KAYEAR brand.We design and produce the best quality products,do not contain harmful substances.Use our products and your baby together,give your baby a better life.

Thank you for allowing KAYEAR to be part of your family.

1 x Fork
1 x Spoon

Product Features

  • Safety and Quality: Our spoon and fork have a rounded design with soft tips and no sharp pointy bits. Our products are FDA approved and guaranteed to be free of any harmful chemicals. Each set is proven to be Latex free, Lead free, BPA free, and Phthalate free.Top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • Bonus Travel Case–> A diaper bag might not be the cleanest place in the world. While traveling your baby fork & spoons will touch every bit of gunk and goo in the bag which eventually will end up in your baby’s mouth. Our bonus travel case ensures that no matter what is in your diaper bag, your baby utensils will stay incredibly clean.
  • Make Meal Time Fun–> We challenge parents with even the fussiest eaters to try our safe eating set.. Each set is soft, dishwasher safe, and designed to make meal time fun! These make a great present and are the perfect baby shower gift.
  • Establish Safety and Healthy Eating: Unlike some baby spoons & toddler utensils which can be too deep and long, our training spoon and fork set is soft, easy to grip, and is designed to work perfect with a baby that is learning to self-feed.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Any Reason:For 30 days after the date of purchase, return your undamaged KAYEAR product and receive a full refund for ANY reason.