J.A. Henckels International Fine Edge Pro 4-Piece Steak SetThe four slender knives in this set convert a thick New York strip, a lamb chop, or a pork roast into bite-size pieces, though their blades are a tad thicker than the best steak-knife blades. With serrated edges on their front halves, these blades tend to tear meat fibers rather than slice precisely through them. Their handles are classic three-rivet style with full tangs. Henckels International Fine Edge Pro is an inexpensive cutlery line made in countries outside Henckels’s home of Germany. These knives don’t have bolsters and are stamped rather than forged from stainless steel. The steel is of a lesser quality than Henckels’s premier lines. These knives are dishwasher-safe and carry a lifetime warranty against defects. –Fred Brack

Product Features

  • 4-inch serrated blades slice steaks, chops, or roasts
  • Stamped from stainless steel
  • Black-plastic, three-rivet, full-tang handles
  • Lifetime warranty against defects