The best way to serve corn on the cob is here. This set of 2 plastic corn dishes are not only attractive and durable, but also solve some of world’s most prominent corn-related problems. To put the break on runaway corn, there are kernel impressions on the bottom of the dish, allowing your corn on the cob to interlock nicely. The tapered edges make the dish perfect for using with corn holders, leaving plenty of room for movement. Best of all, no more buttery-messes! Easily spin your corn on the cob on the dish after putting some butter down to evenly coat the entire cob. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, keep your corn safe in its own dish.

Product Features

  • 1 x 3 x 8.5 inch
  • Made of durable ABS, Set of 2 dishes
  • Features kernel impressions on bottom of dish to help contain your ear of corn, so it doesn’t roll or slip off your plate
  • Reduces mess from buttering with a knife, simply put butter into the dish and spin the corn to evenly coat the entire cob
  • Tapered edges are great for use with corn holders