You love Asian Cuisines but want the full experience by eating it as it meant to be eaten. finessCity present the Professional Titanium Chopsticks (Ti) for That Great Asian Cuisines

Get your hands on the finessCity Titanium Chopsticks to Enhance your food experience now!

– Are you tired of using those heavy stainless chopsticks?
– Your non reusable wooden chopsticks bend or break anytime and are not environment friendly?
– The pairs you buy are not of same size and length?
– The chopsticks comes in a same normal case with no option of color, it’s not going to last long and spoil your chopsticks?

If Answer to Any of the above is YES, then you have come to the right place. Introducing Your Very Own finessCity Premium Titanium Chopsticks that

– Is 60% lighter than stainless steel Chopsticks, each of our chopsticks set is only 0.5 oz / 14.5 grams.
– We all like to give something back to the environment, these finessCity Titanium Chopsticks are environment friendly. Once you have them at home, you aren’t going to buy the wooden chopsticks any more. Let’s save some trees.
– We take special care in manufacturing and make sure each pair is of same size and length.
– Our Chopsticks comes in a Premium Quality Strong Aluminium Case with 5 different colors to choose from. Yes, they keep your chopsticks safe and away from all the soil and impurity.

So what you are waiting for now, click the Buy button now and enjoy the Premium Quality Chopsticks from finessCity.

NOTE: Please Remember and Notice you will ONLY get 1 pair of Chopsticks. It is not 2 Pairs.

Product Features

  • ✔ STRONG & LIGHTWEIGHT: finessCity Pure Titanium chopsticks are very strong & lightweight and easy to handle. They are perfect Chopsticks Gift Set for any Occasion. You can easily use them to eat Sushi, Noodles or Rice. Each Chopstick sets is just 0.5 oz / 14.5 gm, both chopsticks in a pair are of same size & length. i.e. 0.3 inch Diameter & 9 inch length. They are rounded chopsticks.
  • ✔ DISHWASHER SAFE, REUSABLE & NON-ALLERGIC/TOXIC: They are dishwasher safe and reusable chopsticks. They are also non-allergenic, odorless and tasteless. These Environment Friendly Chopsticks set are not toxic to the human body and are bio-compatible & non-corrosive, much better than any other stainless steel chopsticks or metal chopsticks you are looking for. These are 100% FDA Food Grade Chopsticks Titanium (Ti).
  • ✔ PERFECT FOR CAMPING, TRAVEL & HOME: The Pair of chop sticks comes in a strong aluminium case which makes it easy to store during Travel & Camping. You can keep them in your desk at work or carry them to school & college, just put them in a backpack and of course you can always use them at Home. Chopsticks with case always comes handy when you like to take it to your favorite sushi restaurant.
  • ✔ EXCLUSIVE PREMIUM QUALITY FREE CASE: finessCity Chopsticks comes with 5 different Exclusive Quality Aluminium cases. So choose from any of the Pink, Grey, Purple, Orange or Blue color chopstick case. Due to the Strong aluminium case rest assured your Chopsticks are safe and away from dust and contamination. There is plug in the bottom which holds the chopsticks firmly and will not allow chopsticks to bend accidentally.
  • ✔ ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Save the Trees!!!, after you buy these you don’t need the Wooden chopsticks anymore. Also due to its being made up of titanium these metal chopsticks will last for years. On top of all this when you order today, you’re protected by our 90-DAYS, no-questions asked ironclad MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that is backed by our world class customer service.