When it comes to your kitchen and dining room, you need high-quality items that last through the exhausting time you spend in the kitchen, whether you’re cooking or just entertaining with wine and cheese. In order to get the quality you deserve, you need to seek out durable utensils and serving dishes that deliver consistency and excellence. This set by Farberware features small forks that are designed for the appetizer hour at your dinner party or holiday get-together. With five different colors, let your guests use them to take a sampling of the various entrées you have available. Get a few sets to ensure you have plenty to go around as you show off your cooking skills. Add this set to your dinner utensils today and invite your friends over for your next dinner.

Product Features

  • HIGH-QUALITY: This Farberware set comes with the same high-quality you can expect from their cookware and cutlery
  • ELEGANT: Even though they are meant for one-time use, that doesn’t mean your dinner party can’t have the same refined look as a fine dining restaurant without the expensive dishes
  • LARGE SET: With 25 forks in various colors, let guests grab a new fork for each new treat to avoid cross-contaminating each appetizer
  • GREAT FOR WEDDINGS OR LARGE GET-TOGETHERS: Get several packages to prepare for your outdoor dinner reception when you want it to still look classy without the mess, providing an easy way for guests to sample a variety of hors d’oeuvres.
  • EASY CLEANUP: After dinner, you normally have to spend long hours in the kitchen, scrubbing the tiny bits of food off of every dish. With this set, throw everything in trash and call it a night!