Go Coop Edison Non-Toxic, Stainless Steel Training Chopsticks Flat Edge Spoon & Fork Case Set for Right-hand Toddler with Fun Characters
The advantages of using chopsticks:
When using chopsticks to hold food, it is not only the activities of the fingers, but also the wrists, shoulders and elbows.
Scientists have discovered that the use of chopsticks is a complex, sophisticated exercise involving more than 30 sizes of joints: shoulder, arm, wrist, palm and fingers, and more than 40 muscles.
The Chopsticks Training Set is designed to adjust to your child’s hand growth.
【First Stage】Learn the correct posture: Including two silicone rings. Let the baby get used to the correct gripping posture.
【Second stage】Practice using chopsticks: Remove the silicone ring in the middle and let the baby continue to practice.
【Three stage】Skilled in using chopsticks: Remove another silicone ring. The baby has mastered the skills of using chopsticks.
How to use chopsticks.
1. Place the first chopstick between your middle finger and the base of your thumb.
2. Place the second chopstick on top, between your index finger and thumb.
3. Open and close the chopsticks. Move the top one, and keep the bottom one stable.
4. Start picking up food from 45-degree angle.

The stainless steel will keep the odor, stain, and rust resistant, plus super easy to clean!

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Other Details:

Type 304, food-grade stainless steel
BPA-, phthalate-, PVC-, lead- free. 
It is supplied to California Korean Community Food Cooperative.

Product Features

  • 【4 Pcs flatware】: 1 Toddler spoon + 1 fork + 1 pair training chopsticks + Case,A spoon cleanly sweeps up to the last by an edge of the straight shape, The fork is easy for children to eat chunky food.Training chopsticks can help children learn to use chopsticks. It is supplied to California Korean Community Food Cooperative.
  • 【Safe For kids】:Tableware is made of food grade ABS, silicone material. Spoon and fork are made of food grade 304 stainless steel. Protect your child’s safe.
  • 【As Training Chopsticks 】:Ergonomically designed. Removable silicone ring for three stages of learning. Designed with scientific weights for ease of use. High tough and resistant to falling, not easy to deform. Chopstick head has a non-slip design.
  • 【As Spoon and Fork】: Baby Spoon and Fork handle is ergonomically designed, children can easily and comfortable hold the handle. Easy to clean, rinse with warm water.
  • MAKE IT A SET-Go Coop has a complete line of stainless steel toddler feeding products including stainless steel cups, stainless steel bowls and stainless steel silverware.