Be A Proud Table Setter

Aren’t you sick and tired of old non-matching forks, knives and spoons that are no longer shiny or can’t even cut butter?

You are throwing a dinner party and feel embarrassed that your guests will laugh at your old silverware.

The TOPBLOOM cutlery set will do you justice.

Impress Your Guests With A Taste Of Fine Dining

Welcome them to your dining table and please them by offering them the chance to feel as if served the most expensive plate in a fine high class restaurant.

Let them enjoy your tasteful tableware!

Need A Mirror? Here, Take My Knife

Pretty much the same. The TOPBLOOM cutlery set made of extremely durable stainless steel will remain shiny for a long time if you follow the specific instructions given with every set.

Eat Your Apple In Style

The TOPBLOOM silverware set is designed in a simple yet elegant way to serve any kind of taste, even the most demanding ones.

Once you set them on your table and see for yourself the classy decorative touch they add, you will want to use them even for eating a simple sandwich!

A Most Useful Gift

Practical, useful, tasteful. Everyone will appreciate it and thank you for the consideration.

Plus, it comes in a beautifully designed gift box which will add some points in the taste ladder.

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Product Features

  • BRING LUXURY TO YOUR EVERYDAY TABLE: The TOBLOOM cutlery set, simple, yet elegant as it is, can convert your plain everyday dinner table into a glamorous experience. Close your eyes and imagine you are ready to dine in a fine restaurant.
  • A CUTLERY SET FOR LIFE: Kitchen utensils after long use, fade or lose their effectiveness and style. Well, the TOPBLOOM silverware set is made of 18/10 high quality durable stainless steel (304 stainless steel) accompanied by care instructions so as to maintain your cutlery as good as brand new for a long time.
  • THROW DINNER PARTIES TO REMEMBER: The TOPBLOOM cutlery set combines ergonomy with comfort. Your new shiny forks knives and spoons have the ideal weight as they are neither heavy nor flimsy to hold. Bet they will make you enjoy your food a bit more. Your guests will love them!
  • WHAT BETTER GIFT IDEA THAN THIS SET?: The TOPBLOOM silverware set comes in a very elegant gift box thus making it THE perfect gift for anyone who loves their kitchenware, for newlywed couples, for your parents’ anniversary or any person who appreciates fine dining.
  • CUTLERY DELIGHT TO MAKE YOUR MEALS INTERESTING: Everything is a matter of taste isn’t it? Small details that show the real you. Don’t you want to make a good impression? Sure you do. With the TOPBLOOM silverware set you allow yourself a little affordable luxurious quality.