Why have boring stainless steel flatware sets that do nothing for your table but serve only as functional utensils when you can have modern, fresh patterns that will inspire you to deck out your whole table in style, even for everyday meals? This Cuisinart Elite Flatware Set in Jouy seems to be styled after a quiet, impressionistic blur of a light summer rain streaming down a windowpane, or maybe you might think of tiny paint splotches upon a canvas in a breezy artist’s retreat. Yet, no matter what thoughts might roam your mind as you gaze at the pattern, the sophisticated nature of this Cuisinart Elite Flatware will please you by becoming functional decorations on your tabletop. Cuisinart Flatware Sets have European influences that appeal, but additionally possess durable stainless steel heavy-gauge construction, large continental-sizing, and precise craftsmanship and finishing. The hallmark “C” for Cuisinart Elite Flatware is proudly stamped on each piece. Let the famed reputation and quality of this Jouy Cuisinart Flatware Set be yours to tell your own design story on the table where your family, friends, and guests come to gather for food, fellowship, and fun.

Product Features

  • 4 – dinner forks
  • 4 – salad forks
  • 4 – bread and butter knives
  • 4 – soup spoons
  • 4 – dessert spoons