Hard to find a large, FULL stainless steel cutlery set? This set is 24 pcs & enough to serve you & 5 guests with 4 pieces each. So click ADD TO CART now & start planning a gathering! OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE: Patio BBQ feasts. Picnics in the park. Big family gatherings. The solid, hand filling handles. The easy carry holder with handle. Dinner parties with friends (cutlery for 3 couples)

Product Features

  • FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL…stands up to use for life rust-free. They’re dishwasher safe a far more durable than all plastic silverware.
  • PORTABLE CASE… to easily bring along for outdoor meals. Grab ‘n’ go for patio BBQs, big family get togethers, or day hike picnics!
  • HAND FILLING HANDLES… feel solid in your palms. The curved edges contour to the fingers & don’t dig in like thin flatware.
  • TABLE FOR 6… for you & 5 guests. Each placing gets a fork, knife, big & small spoon. Carry them to the table in the handled case for easy table setting
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE… if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason, we’ll refund your purchase & our customer support will make sure you’re sorted out well.