The thirty-piece stainless steel place setting for six people in the Osiris pattern contains five of each of the following essential utensils: a dinner fork, dinner knife, salad fork, dinner spoon and a coffee/tea spoon. Designer Bernard Yot created the Osiris pattern in 1991 as an ode to the green, aquatic Egyptian landscape. Named after the god of transition, resurrection and regeneration, it is fitting that the striking signature ornamentation of the line is sturdy and useful papyrus reeds. Thanks to its creations in silver, Christofle is a symbol of luxury and elegance. Since its founding in the mid-19th century, it has been a continuous innovative force and has infused each era with a new art of living. Thus, over time, this prestigious company has revolutionized styles, techniques, and methods for the production and distribution of silver plate and the decorative arts. A player in and privileged witness to the evolution of taste, customs, and traditions, Christofle has always seen its name associated with major creative trends, renowned artists such as Man Ray or Jean Cocteau, avant-garde architects such as Gio Ponti, and modernist silversmiths such as Lino Sabattini and Christian Fjerdingsatd, as well as present-day designers such as Andrée Putman, Martin Szekely or Ora ïto. Today, as in the past, whether gracing the tables of emperors, princes, or maharajas, in palaces, on board the Trans-Siberian Railway, Orient Express, or transatlantic ocean liners, or in the contemporary restaurants, Christofle continues to make an impression.

Product Features

  • Includes 6 Place Settings Containing 5 of Each: Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, Salad Fork, Dinner Spoon, & Coffee/Tea Spoon
  • Designed by Bernard Yot in 1991, Osiris Pattern is An Ode to Green, Aquatic Egyptian Landscape
  • Features Striking Signature Ornamentation of Sturdy and Useful Papyrus Reeds
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Made and Imported from Christofle’s Master Artisan Workshops France