The stainless steel serving spoon in the Albi pattern is ideal for serving meat and vegetables. Serving utensils are sized to the collection’s platters so they do not fall into the food. The Albi line, created in 1968, takes its inspiration from a French town located between Toulouse and Bordeaux and its famous cathedral known for its remarkable architecture, clean straight lines and single nave. The gentle curves define a pattern that never goes out of style

Product Features

  • Albi Collection Takes Inspiration from a French Town Located Between Toulouse and Bordeaux and its Famous Cathedral, Known for Remarkable Architecture, Clean Straight Lines, and Single Nave
  • Serving Spoon Features Gentle Curve Pattern on Stainless Steel that Never Goes Out of Style
  • Ideal for Serving Meats and Vegetables
  • Length: 24.5 cm
  • Imported from France