Bugatti presents a world of new emotions and feelings, a world of extraordinary creativity. Our aim is to follow a natural evolution linking practical aspects to a modern lifestyle. Relying on an internationally known brand name is not enough, the quality, beauty and practicality of each item is vital: the Italian style. Casa Bugatti wants to change the way you think about your tabletop and kitchen. We take a basic and regularly used item, revalue and modify it, so that we can present you with a new concept, helping to make the culture of buying tableware and gifts a new world for you to discover. Enjoy yourself! This stove top espresso maker is made from bright aluminum with a heat resistant lid and handle. Looks so great you can leave it on top of your stove when not in use. Suitable for gas, electric or ceramic stove tops.

Product Features

  • Bright Aluminum
  • Hear resistant lid and handle
  • Suitable for gas, electric or ceramic stove tops.
  • Stylish and functional
  • Makes 6 espresso cups

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