California Caviar Company’s origins lie in a distinct love for the arts and caviar. Caviar, the ultimate delicacy, had no equal in the world of spoons. Caviar Spoons across the market were cheaply built and lacked an attention to detail. Et Voila! The California Caviar Company Buffalo Horn Caviar Spoon was designed, in part, to fill that void. To avoid imparting an unsavory metallic taste, use this natural buffalo-horn spoon when scooping out small portions of caviar. A delightful gift or a special treat for your own use, the Non-reactive buffalo horn materials won’t mar the flavor of caviar.

Product Features

  • THE HANDLE – Each California Caviar Company Buffalo Horn Caviar Spoon is hand crafted by a skilled artisan. This traditional process means each spoon is unique in exact size, shape, and color. When juxtaposed in a set, each caviar spoon shines as a unique piece. Cut from a single solid piece of buffalo horn each handle is hand carved into the appropriate spoon shape. Then, each individual spoon is hand polished before being fitted with the trademark sterling cap.
  • THE STERLING CAP – Crafted out of solid steel California Caviar Company’s faux sterling cap is built to Heirloom Quality. Hand-fitted to the end of each caviar spoon, the sterling cap features a gorgeous Art Deco spiraling design. The trademark that sets the spoon apart.
  • THE FINISH – Each caviar spoon is individually finished and examined for imperfections. Each spoon is then hand packaged in its own individual ebony box. We recommend washing these spoons by hand due to the Heirloom Quality of each piece although they are dishwasher safe.
  • THE EBONY BOX – Each Caviar Spoon comes packaged in its own individual ebony box. Each box is hot stamped in silver with “California Caviar Co.” The Ebony Box guarantees the caviar spoon from any damage in shipping and transportation and makes the caviar spoon gift or presentation ready from the outset. Yes, even if you order a set of caviar spoons – 2, 4, 6 8, 10 or 12 – each caviar spoon will still come individually packaged.
  • THE GUARANTEE – All our spoons are backed by a lifetime guarantee. We stand by our product as the most aesthetic and utilitarian Caviar Spoon on the market. Spoons are backed by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Message us through Amazon with any questions you may have and we promise to always answer within 24 hours.