About the product

Name:Rose Golden Dinner Knife,fork and spoon(4 Pack)
Feature:Rose Golden

Dinner knife:8.6 Inch(length)
Dinner fork:8.6 Inch(length)
Main spoon:8.6 Inch(length)
Tea spoon:9.8 Inch

A modern industrial look combines with the unmatched functionality of the original design to create a perfect marriage of beauty and brains,sure to become your dinner plate’s best companion!

Product Features

  • Classic Rose gold Dinner Flatware with Sharp handle(4 Pack) – it includes Dinner fork,Dinner spoon,Main knife,Tea spoon
  • Suit for disinfection cabinet,dishwasher,do not use Steel wire ball to clean
  • Material – 304 stainless steel,Mirror Finish and polished,it become more shining.
  • Dishwasher safe (lemon or citrus scented detergent)
  • Perfectly match with your dinner – become your dinner plate’s best companion