Joybell’s Transition Feeder is designed to make your baby’s transition to solid foods safe, easy, satisfying, and fun. It allows baby to explore new tastes and textures at his/her own pace and helps eliminate the mess that naturally results when babies are developing hand-mouth coordination.

The Transition Feeder is perfect from the moment your baby is ready to start solids – even watery purées. The nipple on the Transition Feeder feels familiar and soothing to your baby which is a perfect means of introducing unfamiliar flavors. Equally important, use at the dinner table helps develop social skills through active participation in family meal time. Baby can explore the world of solid foods with the family, while sitting at the table because meals are more than just feeding, they are times for families to come together.

How the Transition Feeder Works
Fill the silicone food pouch with cut fruit, vegetables, meat. Then, under adult supervision, allow your baby to hold, mouth and suck on the transition feeder. The small perforations in the food pouch allow nutrients and flavors out while keeping in dangerous chunks that can cause choking. Can be used with purees, smoothies, fruits, veggies, baby foods, yogurts, breads, ice cream, and more. PLUS the Transition Feeder offers instant relief of teething pain. Just put ice chips, frozen strawberries or bananas into the Feeder; it soothes the pain from cutting teeth without the risks of drugs.

• Easy to disassemble for complete cleaning
• Top-shelf dishwasher safe
• Sturdy stand for easy storage at kitchen table or counter
• Dust cover for clean use on the go

Welcome to the Table
, free eBook written by doctor with everything you need to know about starting baby on solids beautifully formatted in PDF

Product Features

  • THREE-IN-1: Baby feeder, silicone pacifier and baby teether in one. Introduce your 6 – 18 month baby to the tastes of solid foods like fresh fruits, vegetables (among others) while pacifying your baby and easing his or her teething discomfort. Watch your baby smile and giggle with content.
  • CONVENIENT COVER STAND: This baby feeder has a convenient cover that serves as a stand at the same time. Keep your baby feeder teether handy, dust free and ready if you need to grab and go. Cover up to keep clean and ready to go.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: A couple of twist and turn is all that’s needed to put a piece of solid food in this feeder’s pouch. Disassemble and reassemble with ease when cleaning. It’s dishwasher safe and all parts are solid which keeps your silicone feeder dirt free.
  • DESIGNED TO ENTERTAIN: Your curious child will surely love the doll or action figure shaped handle that’s fun to look at and designed to be grasped easily. Witness the fun and excitement as your baby laughs out loud.
  • DOCTOR DESIGNED SAFE AND DURABLE: Made from durable, high quality food grade materials, this baby pacifier, feeder & teether is BPA free with no harmful chemicals. Doctor designed and approved. The food pouch is made of food grade silicone and the spring inside is made of stainless steel to make sure your child is 100% safe.