The cutlery is a harmonious addition to a modern decoration. It coordinates with single-coloured crockery
Stylistic features:
1. A set of five modern realistic, three-dimensional pattern of a small spoon
2. Featured elaborate high-grade food grade stainless steel spoon, coffee spoon
3. Creative design, can be used as a gift or gifts in daily life
4. Modern length with balanced proportions.
5. Carefully rounded edges for a pleasant feel.
6. Can be combined in a variety of ways.
Below are some general guidelines to help you care for your flatware:
1. After each use, promptly wash or rinse your flatware with hot water and dry it.
2. If you hand-wash your flatware, use a mild detergent.
3. Do not leave your flatware sitting in water, as soaking can permanently damage the metal.
4. Keep flatware and stainless steel flatware in separate baskets in the dishwasher.
5. If you put the flatware in the dishwasher, keep detergent to a minimum, remove the flatware from the dishwasher before the dry cycle,
and then dry items completely with a soft towel.

Product Features

  • The set of flatware includes three bright colors:golden,silver,bronze.
  • If using daily: Store flatware in a moisture-free drawer.
  • Make sure your flatware is completely dry before you store it.
  • Do not wrap your flatware in rubber bands, plastic or newspaper, or in any material with a high sulphur content.They are absolutely the perfect size for tea cups!
  • They would be great for sugar and condiments when enjoying tea with friends or just to hang up for display. They could be framed or used in crafts.