Arthur Price signature collection is enthused by the legacy of 4 generations of master cutlers, the Arthur Price story continues.. Our new inspirational pattern represents the coming together of over a century of evolution of cutlery design and creation, sealed with the signature of our founder Arthur Price. Warwicks intrinsic design features are its elegant stem like handles, bulbous bowls and definitive fork heads. Whilst slender on the eye this forged collection is designed for everyday comfort and use. Produced in the finest quality stainless steel, this gorgeously packaged 7 piece place setting consists of: 1 x Table Knife, 1 x Table Fork, 1 x Dessert Spoon, 1 x Dessert Knife, 1 x Dessert Fork, 1 x Soup Spoon and 1 x Teaspoon. All backed with a 50 year guarantee and dishwasher safe.

Product Features

  • 50 Year Guarantee
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Exquisite Packaging
  • Perfect Gift