&#128151 Included: 7.4” Fork x 40, 7.87” Knife x 40, 6.89” Spoon x 40, Proprietary Airlaid Napkin x 40

&#128151 Bonus: Glitter Ribbon Tape 16.4 ft long 0.6″ wide, 1 roll

&#128151 Properties: 100% FDA-approved, 100% BPA-free, food- and beverage-safe, 100% recyclable, 100% inert to dietary acids and bases, non-toxic

&#128151 Key Differentiating Features:
1. Silverware-napkin-ribbon combination is cleverly matched and delivered together to allow for the best disposable silverware presentation. Extra strong silverware makes eating more enjoyable.
2. Memories Proprietary Airlaid Napkins 16”x16” 1/8 fold are the finest in the industry. Thick, soft, linen-feel, durable construction for added strength and absorption. Used by high-end restaurants and hotels exceeding expectations of discerning guests. 1/8 fold is perfect for rolled/banded silverware. Fully disposable, hygienic alternative to rented, reused linen napkins.
Airlaid napkins vs paper serviettes: On average, 3 standard paper serviettes are used to every 1 Airlaid napkin. Airlaid napkins are a big step up in added value to your guest experience
3. Memories Glitter Ribbon Tape is designed specifically for use with airlaid napkins. Its adhesion to napkins is specifically minimized to prevent damage, while self-adhesion is maximized for strong hold. We recommend leaving at least a 0.75” self-attachment tab (see product photo) or longer for more secure hold.

&#128151 Final Note: Bottom tips of cutlery may appear silver and texturized to remind us of how “silver”ware got its name. The world’s most up-to-date production method does not allow electroplating plastic cutlery completely in gold. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee promises you that this effect has been minimized to its smallest degree and will not affect the overall presentation. Enjoy your celebration!

Product Features

  • ENHANCE DINING EXPERIENCE ☀ This premium gold trim silverware set is sensibly crafted to cater 40 guests. Each is served with a heavy-duty fork, a knife, a spoon and an additional matching airlaid napkin. Flatware is made of high quality lightweight rigid No. 6 thermoplastic. Suitable for various formal events: wedding, engagement, bridal party, anniversary, Easter, Thanksgiving, banquet, babyshower, formal catering, reunion, annual celebration, and other special occasions and holidays.
  • ADD CLASSY FESTIVE MOOD FROM MAJOR UPGRADE ☀ Don’t be stuck with small flimsy white plastic cutlery. This set’s royal gold polishing and napkin’s elegantly matched proprietary floral design will illuminate a sense of love, achievement, triumph, and wisdom around your party. These linen-feel guest hand towels are upgraded in quality, durability, thickness and size. Exclusive to the Memories brand, this combination cannot be found anywhere else and it will definitely set your party apart.
  • ADD ORIGINALITY AND IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS ☀ You may further enhance guest experience by decorating cutlery with the bonus DIY gold glitter ribbon tape. Arrange, roll, band or wrap silverware utensils to your liking or get inspired by one of our recommendations. Decorate to your liking and boast a final touch. Create an unforgettable experience for your guests! (See photos for silverware wrapping inspirations)
  • SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE (FAST, EASY, CONVENIENT, ECONOMICAL) ☀ All items are fully disposable and recyclable to help you save clean up time. No need to rent or worry about scratching, cracking or breaking expensive silverware. For best dinning experience, we do not recommend reusing this set. Our ultimate goal is not only to offer you the best tableware product, but most importantly the best dinning experience you will ever have with your loved ones. We believe good memories will last forever!
  • MAKE YOUR EVENT UNIQUE AND SPECIAL ☀ This newly introduced product on Amazon offers 100% money back guarantee. The combination of 40 Forks, 40 Knives, 40 Spoons, 40 Airlaid Napkins, and 1 Roll of Glitter Tape has not been previously available, but it is here now for you to make your event and your guests unique and special. Celebrate like no other!